Think differently.

Get ahead.

Competitive Positioning

Find how your business is genuinely better than and different from your competitors


Develop a compelling new strategy to get ahead of your competitors and outperform

New Product Development

Create an ongoing programme of exciting new products, the lifeblood of any business

New Projects Programme

Build up real momentum through a constant focus on newness

Fresh Thinking is all about providing ambitious owner managed and family businesses with an outstanding senior skill set and a fresh pair of eyes in 4 essential areas that most SMEs struggle with.

All designed to push these businesses to think differently and get ahead of their competition so that significantly more customers choose to do business with them.

Competitive Positioning

Most companies just sell products and services, very few businesses are strongly competitively positioned.

Those that are competitively positioned outperform those who aren’t.

Our work identifies how a business is genuinely better than and different from their competitors, in areas that their customers value most highly.

We then craft it into a compelling format, which becomes the best explanation of why customers should buy from them rather than their competitors.

The business then puts this at the heart of everything they do, resulting in more customers choosing them.

Competitive Positioning is vital these days because we live in a massively over-communicated world. There is so much competition and every customer has so much choice. It’s essential for businesses to understand how they can genuinely stand out if they wish to get materially ahead.


Research shows that only 5% of SMEs create a written Strategy each year

Yet those that do end up being 20% to 30% more profitable, every year.

The 2 main reasons given by Business Owners for not creating a Strategy are a lack of skills and a lack of time.

We solve both of these problems, bringing all the Strategy skills you need and helping you create the time.

We lead the approach with you and your Senior team to create a compelling, practical Strategy, identifying the initiatives that will differentiate you from your competitors and add most value.

Plus we can create an Action Plan and lead as much or as little of the implementation as you’d like, to make sure the Strategy delivers results.

New Product Development

A progressive and ongoing New Product Development programme is the lifeblood of any business.

A strong focus on the right NPD and a business will outperform their competitors and grow sales significantly. Too little time on NPD usually seriously damages performance.

We lead a structured approach with businesses to create an exciting NPD plan, achieving the right balance of Innovation and Commerciality.

Focusing on the key themes and trends for each industry, the new product ideas will be the best combination of Doability and Commerciality, to push the business ahead of their competitors.

We can also create an Action Plan and lead as much or as little of the implementation as you’d like, to ensure the NPD programme delivers results.

New Projects Programmes

Most businesses don’t ever think about having a senior colleague responsible for creating a constant focus on newness in the company.

Those that do are more dynamic and create much greater momentum from the engrained ‘what’s next’ appetite, and desire always to stay ahead of the competition.

We have a strong track record of fulfilling this role on a flexible, part-time basis, getting an ongoing stream of new projects going, bedding them down and making sure they deliver.

We know this does sound a little unorthodox, but in our experience it really works. Happy to chat it through with you any time!

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