Working with us at Fresh Thinking is very straightforward, gives you complete flexibility, and delivers great results.


We can work with you for whatever time you require.

This could range from 2 days a week, to as little as 1 day per month

Complete flexibility

There’s no contract involved

So we can easily change the amount of time we work together as your business requires

This gives you complete flexibility compared to employing a full-time director

Part of your team

We work as a key member of your senior team

We work like any other member of your existing (full time) team

We always prefer to work in your offices – that way we really get to know the business, we develop excellent relationships with the rest of the team, and we work like everyone else in the team

Get stuck in

We work closely with you and make things happen

We’re very happy rolling our sleeves up and getting stuck in

We get stuff done and always aim to achieve outstanding results, just like any other member of your senior team

Leadership and mentoring

If there’s a team in place for the area you want us to come in as part-time director, we will confidently lead that team – developing, mentoring and improving their performance as much as time will allow

It’s part and parcel of what we do, to coach and train colleagues along the way

Long term working relationship

Like any team member, we want to be with you for the long term, doing whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals

Our part-time director service works best when we’re with companies for the long term – helping to drive positive change and new initiatives to deliver great results for the business

Please get in touch if you’d like to have a chat about how our part-time director services could really drive your business forward, deliver impressive results and save you time.

John – 07515 325884          Nicola – 07788 146608