Fresh Thinking provide highly experienced, proven Senior Managers to small and medium sized businesses on a part-time basis.

Working in your offices as a key member of your team, our part-time Senior Managers give you access to an outstanding senior skill set, and all the expertise you need, for much lower cost and much less risk than taking on a full-time senior manager.

We specialise in 5 key areas: (1) Human Resources, (2) Business Development, (3) Marketing, (4) Strategy & Planning, (5) Health & Safety.

Our part-time Senior Manager services are perfect for businesses who don’t need or can’t afford a full-time colleague, but who recognise they do need the specialist skill set on an ongoing basis. You can use our high calibre Senior Managers as and when you need them, from as little as 1 day a month, up to 1 or 2 days per week.

Here are full details for each part-time Senior Manager service.

Human Resources

If you look after your people, your people will look after your customers superbly well. A forward thinking HR agenda has a huge, positive impact on every business.

The great thing about HR initiatives is that they are very cost effective to implement. But the difference in terms of morale, team working, productivity and overall company performance can be phenomenal.

Discover more about how our Part-Time Senior HR Manager Service can help you get the very best out of your team.

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Business Development

Outstanding Business Development is the perfect blend of medium term strategies and short term tactics, both digital and non-digital, that is just right for each individual business to achieve its unique goals.

If you’re after a fresh Business Development perspective, valuable new skills and a considerable uplift in activity, our experienced, hands on Part-Time Senior Business Development Managers could be perfect for you. They have a proven track record of delivering impressive results from creating and implementing the Business Development approach that is right for each business.

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Marketing can be the rocket fuel for transforming your company’s performance. If you want to gain real competitive advantage, then a progressive marketing agenda is essential.

Fresh Thinking have an outstanding marketing pedigree stretching back more than 25 years. Online or offline, small budgets or large, we bring an outstanding world of marketing experience to work for your business.

Find out more about how our Part-Time Senior Marketing Manager Service can transform your Marketing.

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Strategy & Planning

All businesses need fresh direction and new impetus in some or all of their parts every year. As excellent, practical strategists, Fresh Thinking can bring you exciting new directions, a significant stream of ideas and new opportunities to create a clear and compelling strategy centred on the key priorities that will make the biggest difference to your customers, colleagues and therefore your overall company performance.

Whether it’s a full strategic review, a short term strategy to get things going quickly, or longer term planning, find out how our Part-Time Senior Strategy Manager Service can bring fresh impetus to your business.

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Health & Safety

The health and safety of colleagues in every company is of paramount importance.

If your business isn’t large enough to justify taking on a full time health and safety resource, or you need some extra health and safety expertise, our NEBOSH qualified specialist is the perfect answer.

Discover how our Part-Time Senior Health & Safety Manager Service will work with you to transform every colleague into champions of safety, making your business much safer and more efficient.

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Our Part-Time Senior Manager Services will make a significant difference to the performance of your business in many ways