How our part-time Senior Marketing Manager service can transform your Marketing

Marketing can be the rocket fuel that transforms your company’s performance. If you want to gain real competitive advantage, then a progressive Marketing agenda is essential.

The key to Marketing success is a total focus on how your business is better than and different from your competitors. Get this defined in compelling terms, use it to drive all your Marketing activities, and customers will want to do more business with you than with your competitors.

Fresh Thinking have an outstanding Marketing pedigree stretching back more than 25 years.

Our part-time Senior Marketing Manager service will give you all of the expertise and the fresh insight of a top class Senior Marketing Manager, for a fraction of the cost of taking on a full-time senior marketing colleague.

Online or offline, small budgets or large, we bring an outstanding world of Marketing expertise to work hard for your business.

Our part-time Senior Marketing Manager service

Gives you the skills of a high calibre, hugely experienced Senior Marketing Manager, with an outstanding Marketing track record, as and when you need them, for the equivalent cost of a junior member of staff. You can use them from 1 day a month up to 2 days a week, whatever is right for your business.

They will focus on the most important Marketing priorities for your business that will make the biggest difference to your company’s performance. These will include some or all of:


Looking at your market, competitors and business with fresh eyes, to shed new light on your marketing opportunities and challenges.

Competitive Positioning

The all-important work to understand how your business is better than and different from your competitors. To uncover what makes you distinctive, bring it to life and outstrip your competition.

Marketing Strategy

Developing the Marketing Strategy that is right for your business and budget. Identifying the best direction for Marketing your business, to ensure that specific Marketing activities achieve a healthy return on investment.

Brand Development

Unlocking what your Brand stands for, in a way that makes you stand out from the competition. Creating a compelling brand story, and identifying the right activities that will continually grow your brand.

Marketing Plan & Implementation

Creating and implementing the Marketing Plan that is right for your business, making best use of the budget available, focusing on the top priorities that will achieve the best impact and results.

Digital Marketing

This forms part of the Marketing Plan, but we also wanted to show it separately, to emphasise its importance in today’s Marketing mix. Lots of businesses are jumping into Digital with both feet, believing it to be a pot of gold. The key is to identify what Digital Marketing is right for each individual business, and invest budget wisely. That’s what we will do for you.

Measure & Learn

Too many companies don’t measure the results of their Marketing activity. This is vital so we can see what’s working well, and what we need to improve. We will make sure that all Marketing activity is measured, so we can continuously improve it and achieve even better results for your business.

Marketing Leadership

We will lead, inspire and motivate the existing Marketing team that you have, so that your business benefits from a consistently high performing Marketing team. We will work exceptionally well with all colleagues across your business, so they know what is happening in Marketing, and Marketing delivers positive results for your company.

Marketing Mentoring

We will mentor your current Marketing colleagues, continually developing their skills through coaching and training plans. This will mean that Marketing delivers even greater results for your business long into the future.

Marketing Recruitment

We have a lot of experience of recruiting top quality Marketing colleagues at every level. We can work with you to recruit the Marketing professionals that are spot on for your business in terms of skills, behaviours and cultural fit.