Part-Time, Senior Marketing Manager Service

Plug your company’s Marketing skills gaps, flexibly and more affordably

Frustrated you’re not sure if you’re doing the right Marketing, or what value it’s adding?

Keen to take your Marketing to the next level?

Being out-manoeuvred by some of your competitors?

Our Part-Time, Senior Marketing Manager Service gives you:

1)  Flexible Marketing expertise to plug your Marketing skills gaps – gaining real competitive advantage and transforming your company’s performance, for much lower cost and much less risk than taking on a full-time colleague

2)  Experienced, qualified, hands on senior Marketing skill set – creating the Marketing strategy, as well as doing the Marketing doing

3)  Commercial Marketing approach – driving a Marketing agenda based around creating value for the business

4)  Continuous improvement – measuring all Marketing activity, so you know what works, learn and continuously improve. Ensuring all Marketing works hard, online or offline, no matter what size of budget.

5)  More time – an extra senior team member you can delegate to, freeing up a lot of your time to focus on other things

6)  More money – avoid hefty recruitment fees, plus our services are much lower cost than employing a full-time senior colleague

7)  Better quality of life – we take away the pressure of you wearing many hats, so you can focus more on what you enjoy

8)  Highly productive colleague – working like a normal, top quality employee in your offices, just on a Part-Time basis

Our unique 9 box Marketing Model

Our Part-Time Senior Marketing Managers focus on the practical, commercial Short-Term and Medium-Term Marketing priorities, that will make the biggest difference to overall company performance.

Using our unique 9 box, practical Marketing Model, we focus on the Marketing activities, both online and offline, to outstrip your competitors and thrive. This is across some or all of:

1)  Communication Tools

2)  Sales Tools

3)  Lead Generation

4)  Continuous Improvement

5)  Profit Improvement

6)  Sales & Retention Programmes

7)  Brand – Development

8)  Brand – Value Proposition

9)  Competitive Positioning

Our Part-Time, Senior Marketing Manager Packages

Here are details of our 3 main Service Packages, which are the ones that the majority of businesses we work with go for.

However, we can also offer bespoke Packages if you feel that one of these Packages doesn’t quite fit with what you’re interested in.

If you would like to find out more about them, please get in touch.

Direction, Lots Of Doing & More



£395 per day


Strategy & direction

Action plan

Lots of doing

Key member of the Senior team

Team leadership

Sounding board

Involved in all areas of the business

Fully integrated into the team

Work in the company’s offices

Direction & Doing



£445 per day


Strategy & direction

Action plan


Team mentoring

Work in the company’s offices

Direction & Mentoring



£495 per day


Strategy & direction

Action plan

Colleague mentoring

Work in the company’s offices

Cost Comparison

With our Part-Time Senior Marketing Manager service, you get an outstanding senior Marketing skill set and all the Marketing skills you need for much lower cost and much less risk than taking on a full-time colleague.

Here’s how the cost of our 1 Day Per Week, ‘Direction, Lots Of Doing & More’ package compares to taking on a full-time Marketing colleague.

Fresh Thinking Package

Direction, Lots Of Doing & More


Recruitment costs



Salary costs

£395 per day

46 weeks (no holiday pay)



Total = £18,170


Full-Time, Senior Marketing Manager


Recruitment costs



Remuneration costs

Salary = £48,311

NI & Pension = £6,280

Bonus = £6,022



Total = £69,309

  • Average salary for a full-time Senior Marketing Manager = £48,311 (source:, Sept 2018)
  • Average commission costs for recruiting through an agency = 18%
  • NI & Pension = average of 13% of salary
  • Average bonus for a full-time Senior Marketing Manager = £6,022 (source:, Sept 2018)