Health & Safety

Our Part-Time Senior Health & Safety Manager Service will make your business much safer and much more efficient

The most recent statistics from the Health & Safety Executive covering the period 2015/16 make for somewhat sobering reading:

144 colleagues killed at work

72,702 colleagues injured and reported under the RIDDOR legal requirement

An estimated 620,000 colleagues injured in total at work

30.4m working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury

£14.1bn estimated cost of this to UK businesses

Health & Safety can’t be anything other than a top priority for every business.

The key objective for Fresh Thinking of working with you on your Health & Safety programme is to:

Transforming every colleague into champions of safety

Our expert Senior Managers are NEBOSH qualified, globally recognised as the leading occupational Health & Safety qualification. They have an excellent track record of transforming Health & Safety cultures in Small and Medium sized businesses, both procedures and behaviours.

Our part-time Senior Health & Safety Manager service

Gives you the skills of a high calibre, very experienced senior Health & Safety professional, as and when you need them, for a fraction of the cost of a full-time Health & Safety manager. You can use them flexibly as and when you need them, for however much time per week or month is right for your business.

Helping you to see Health & Safety differently…

Our part-time Senior Manager for Health & Safety will deliver significant benefits to your business:

1.  Commitment – gain the full buy in to making Health & Safety a top priority, both top down from the Senior team, as well as bottom up from every colleague.

2.  Involvement – get every colleague fully involved in continuously improving the safety culture and safety results in your business.

3.  Empowerment – give every colleague the confidence to challenge unsafe behaviours

4.  Incident and injury free – drive your company towards the goal of being incident and injury free, thereby delivering superior safety results.

5.  Cost savings – saving you money by reducing the number of working days your business loses through injury

6.  Increased productivity – the second benefit of reducing the number of working days lost to injury, as well as a better safety culture helping your colleagues to work more effectively and efficiently.

7.  Positive company culture – where colleagues really look out for each other to make sure everyone goes home safe every day.

At the heart of our 2 services is the key benefit that we make sense of Health & Safety for you. It’s a huge subject area, forever changing, as well as difficult sometimes to understand fully the implications of some regulations on your business.

Our highly qualified, part-time Senior Health & Safety Manager can do all of this for you, freeing up more of your time to focus on developing your business.

We also aim to make the Health & Safety work we do with you much more interesting and inspiring for your team – so it’s easier for them to understand and, more importantly, fully embrace.

Compliance Service

Our NEBOSH qualified, part-time Senior Health & Safety Manager will review all your processes and systems, and put in place whatever is required to make sure your business is fully compliant with legislation. This service includes:

1. Full Health & Safety review

2. Health & Safety report

3. Implement all actions – to ensure full compliance

4. Health & Safety training – for all colleagues

5. Health & Safety support helpline

6. Annual support package – to deal with Health & Safety issues during the year and ensure your company remains fully compliant at all times

Behaviour Safety Training

Our part-time Senior Health & Safety Manager will deliver top quality training to create that much longer lasting safety behavioural change amongst all colleagues, and transform them into champions of safety. This service includes:

1. Safety survey – to get a clear picture of the current safety approach and culture in your business

2. Health & Safety report

3. Create and deliver the Behaviour Safety training

4. Health & Safety support helpline

5. Ongoing Safety Behaviours training programme – to drive your company towards the goal of being incident and injury free