How our part-time Senior Finance Manager service can take your business to the next level

The role of Senior Finance colleagues, and therefore the huge benefits they can bring on a part-time basis to SMEs, has evolved significantly over the last 20 years. Nowadays, the qualities of an outstanding Senior Finance Manager are:

1.  Steward – managing the company’s finances superbly, protecting its assets

2.  Leader – making sure the Finance function performs to a very high standard

3.  Strategist – playing a key role in shaping the company’s overall strategy and direction

4.  Catalyst – embedding a strong financial mind-set throughout the business to help all parts of the company perform better.

It’s a very proactive role, providing forward looking financial management and ensuring the company’s future financial success.

Through our outstanding part-time Senior Finance Manager service, your company will benefit from a highly experienced, high calibre Senior Finance Manager bringing enormous practical financial and strategic skills and knowledge to your business.

Our part-time Senior Finance Manager will help free up your time, so you can focus more on developing your business. They will help you to achieve better results and reach your goals, faster. All this for the equivalent cost of a junior member of staff.

Our part-time Senior Finance Manager service

Gives you the skills of a high calibre, hugely experienced Senior Finance Manager, as and when you need them, for a fraction of the cost of a full-time senior finance colleague. You can use them from 1 day a month up to 2 days a week, whatever is right for your business.

They have an outstanding track record of working with business owners and SMEs. Fully qualified Chartered Management Accountant, they have world class skills in running and developing high performing finance teams.

They will focus on the most important Finance activities for your business that will make the biggest difference to your company’s performance. These will include some or all of:

Operational Finance –  Save Time

Understand your company’s finances and manage them with ease

Introduce timely and easy to follow management reports

Build strong foundations for future growth

Operational Finance –  Save Money

Overcome any immediate financial challenges

Eliminate any cash flow problems

Identify cost savings

Understand your main profit drivers and improve your profits

Strategic Financial Planning

Identify your critical success factors and key performance indicators

Create a realistic business plan to help you make better financial decisions

Secure funding for future growth

Finance Leadership

Our part-time Senior Finance Manager will lead, inspire and motivate the existing Finance team that you have, so that your business benefits from a consistently high performing Finance team.

They will work exceptionally well with all colleagues across your business, as well as with key external contacts such as banks, accountants, suppliers and customers. Working as an integral part of your team, they will get to know your business inside out, so they can deliver even better results for you.

Finance Mentoring

We will mentor your current Finance colleagues, continually developing their skills through coaching and training plans. This will enable your Finance function to perform even better and fulfil a more effective role for your company. We are experts in training and developing Finance colleagues to help them achieve their full potential.

Finance Recruitment

We have years of experience of recruiting top quality Finance colleagues into teams for every role and at every level. We can work with you to recruit the Finance professionals that are perfect for your business in terms of skills, behaviours and cultural fit.