Part-time Senior Managers: the smart way to drive your business forward and grow

16 significant benefits that small and medium sized businesses enjoy from making use of our high calibre, part-time Senior Manager services:


1.  We give you access to an excellent senior skill set, and all the expertise you need, for much lower cost than taking on a full-time senior colleague

2.  We specialise in the areas that SMEs are often more careful about taking on full-time senior colleagues straightaway – Human Resources, Marketing, Strategy & Planning, Health & Safety

3.  We have excellent contacts in the areas that we specialise in, whose expertise we can bring to benefit your business

4.  We bring the positives of ‘big business’ experience to benefit smaller companies


1.   Businesses can use us flexibly, as and when they needs us, from as little as 1 day a month, up to 1 or 2 days per week

2.   Complete flexibility – we don’t work with contracts, so we can easily change the amount of time we work together as your business requires

3.   Our services offer much less risk than taking on a full-time senior manager

4.   Greater objectivity for you – we come with no agenda other than to help you, deliver great value and move your business forward

5.   Our service is perfect for businesses who don’t need or can’t afford a full-time senior colleague, but who recognise they need the specialist skill set

Growth & Cost Effectiveness

1.   It enables you to grow without putting too much financial strain on your business

2.   Our services are significantly lower cost than taking on a full-time senior colleague with the same skills, experience and behaviours

3.   It will help you to achieve better results and reach your goals faster


1.   It will free up a lot of your time so you can focus more on the rest of your business

2.   It avoids the need to go through the time consuming process of recruiting a full-time colleague and then waiting weeks or months for them to come on board. We are ready to start quickly and contribute from day 1.

3.   We are always committed to working with businesses for the long term, just like any full-time member of staff

4.   Our service will save you time and money