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Digital marketing – why so mysterious?

Hi everyone, We hope your week has got off to a great start. Today we've been mulling over a question we often get asked, which is why so many companies offering Digital Marketing services make it all sound so complicated and mysterious! They're not alone actually, you come across quite a few companies who seem to like to over-complicate things. Surely it's better to simplify. We certainly like to make sense of Digital Marketing for our customers - explain it [...]

Marketing/sales? Sales/marketing?

Morning everyone, hope you're enjoying your weekend. We've been thinking about the phrase we often hear, 'my business is sales led'. It's an interesting one this. Of course no business can survive without sales. But it's how these sales are coming through that determines what's really driving your business. Research has shown that the most successful businesses are marketing led. If it wasn't for those great marketing disciplines such as brand development, competitive positioning, customer proposition, new product development, packaging [...]

Design is a huge differentiator these days

Good morning everyone, I don't know how much you focus on design already and how important it is for your business. But it really is one of the key differentiating skills that a company can possess. It turns functional products into totally desirable ones, it makes customers fall in love with you! And crucially it pushes you ahead of your competitors. Design is all about how you can make things look, feel, smell, sound different for customers. It's a packed [...]