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8 Ways to reduce recruitment costs

A top priority for business owners is to reduce recruitment costs. When I work with businesses it's often the first question I'm asked.  How can I reduce the costs of recruitment and still attract the very best talent? Here are 8 ways to reduce recruitment costs and secure the right candidates for your business to help you meet your business goals. Utilise your existing people - Happy and engaged employees will know lots of people who could be your next [...]

Working from home – the good, the bad and the even better.

I love working from home, but it's not for everyone. Yes, there are some bits I find very difficult. The benefits however far outweigh the challenges, at least for me. 40 degree cycle I've never done so much washing in my life.  The kids wardrobes are 99% stocked at all times. The first key tip is to know your limits when it comes to effective concentration. I discovered mine by accident when as part of my morning routine I put [...]