Fresh Thinking provide high calibre, part-time Senior Managers and Directors to owner managed and family businesses.

We give Small and Medium sized businesses access to an outstanding senior skill set, and all the expertise they need, for much lower cost and much less risk than taking on a full-time senior manager or director. We specialise in 6 key areas:

Part-time Director Services

Part-time Senior Manager Services

Marketing Human Resources
Finance Health & Safety
Strategy & Planning  
Business Turnarounds  

Flexible, tailored, affordable

These are often the areas that small and medium sized companies are more careful about taking on full-time senior colleagues straightaway. So Fresh Thinking are here to plug that gap for you.

Our services are perfect for businesses who don’t need or can’t afford a full-time senior manager or director in these areas, but who recognise that they need the expert skill set on an ongoing basis.

Companies can use us flexibly, as and when they need us, from as little as 1 day a month, up to 1 or 2 days per week.

Better performance, new skills

Perhaps you want to take your company performance to the next level. Or maybe you recognise you have a skills gap in a key area, but are cautious about investing a sizeable fixed cost at the outset.

Fresh Thinking offer you the option of bringing in real experience, knowledge, expertise and an outstanding track record on a flexible cost basis.

Imagine. . .

Having a lot of your time freed up so you can focus on other areas of your business

Bringing outstanding new skills into your business, very cost effectively

Growing your business more quickly without putting too much financial strain on it

Having an objective sounding board you can talk to about anything any time

These are just some of the excellent benefits that you will enjoy with our part-time Senior Manager and part-time Director services.

For more reasons why so many companies are finding that part-time Senior Managers and Directors are the smart way to drive their business forward, please take a look at our Benefits page.