Plug your company’s skills gaps, more affordably and flexibly

We make it easy for ambitious Business Owners to plug their skills gaps sooner, flexibly and more affordably.

We do this by providing experienced, hands on Senior Managers to small and medium sized businesses on a Part-Time basis.

Flexible expertise to plug your skills gaps, for much lower cost and much less risk than taking on a full-time senior colleague, covering 5 key skills areas:


Competitive Positioning


New Projects


We’re not an outsourced service. Nor are we consultants. Nor are we business coaches. We work exactly like a top quality, high performing employee in your offices – just on a Part-Time basis. We do the doing, just like a normal employee.

Our Part-Time Senior Manager packages give you:

1)  More time – we are an extra senior team member that you can delegate to, freeing up a lot of your time to focus on other things.

2)  More money – you avoid hefty recruitment fees, plus our services are much lower cost than employing a full-time senior colleague.

3)  Better quality of life – we take away the pressure of you wearing so many hats, allowing you to focus more on what you enjoy.


–  No contracts – we live or die by the value we add!

–  No time consuming recruitment process – we are ready to start quickly and contribute from Day 1

–  Always on your side – we come with no agenda other than to help you move your business forward sooner

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